China Visa

Traveling to China requires the proper documents, one of which is the visa, which can be obtained form any Consulate of the People's Republic of China within the United States. However, for your convenience, PTS will obtain the required visa for your trip to China. Application forms will be provided by PTS upon request. Or, you can click here to download the form. And, you can click here to read the instructions. The charges for the visa processing are as follows:

Individual Visa:
For entry and departure to China as an individual tourist, your passport, one photo, and application form are required. Individual visa charge --$170 per person. Seven days processing is required. If you possess a passport other than from the U.S. passport, please consult PTS for the processing fee.

China Visa Related Information:

Visa for Number of Entry(s) to China Validity Period Period of Visit Day Fees(USD)
One Time Entry 6 Month 30 or 60 by request $ 175
Two Time Entry 6 Month 30 or 60 by request $ 175
Semi-annual Multiple Entries 6 Month 30 or 60 by request $ 175
Yearly Multiple Entries 12 Month 30 or 60 by request $ 175
Rush on One Time Entry 6 Month 30 or 60 by request $ 200
Other Must know Information: Passport, 1 passport photo, China visa application form
NOTE: Those who born in China must write their Chinese name on the application.
** If China citizen's apply China visa for the first time, Please send the original China passport.
** Applicant MUST fill out the visa application VERY CAREFULLY!
** Applicant's passport must have at least 6 months Validity
** Regular visa application needs 4 BUSINESS DAY to Process
** OVERNIGHT RUSH VISA will charge $25 extra.

Note: The passport has to be at least 6 months validity from departure date.