Customized Travel for the Professional

Our firm with its vast experience and expertise in China, is launching its special travel programs tailored to suit the requirements, objectives, and preferences of the discerning professional. As a value-added aspect of travel, our firm would like to recommend the integration of specific destinations and activities, which are related to the professional interests of our prospective clients.

Our full-value travel package would include not only the normal benefits of our core product line, i.e., leisure travel, but also the integration of such activities as conferences, symposiums, trade demonstrations, special classes, etc.. Our travel package would incorporate visitation to those sites within China, which would address the interests of the professional and his/her respective discipline.

Our customized travel for the professional would be designed and directed toward the following fields as an example:

  • E - Commerce Business Professional & Associations
  • Medical Associations and Physicians
  • Golf Associations and Members
  • Culinary Institutes, Chefs, and Students
  • Teacher Unions, Associations, and Educators
  • Dental Associations and Dentists
  • Legal Associations and Legal Professionals
  • Entertainment & Amusement Professionals
  • Accounting Associations and Professionals
  • Botanical & Horticulture Clubs, Associations, and Members

These represent only a segment of those organizations and members for which we have the capability to design and tailor a comprehensive travel package and program.

The travel package and programs would incorporate such benefits as:

  • Professional conferences, symposiums, classes, exhibitions, tournaments, etc.
  • Visitation to professionally related agencies, associations, universities, museums, clubs or organizations, etc.
  • Travel and visitation to historical, cultural, educational, culinary, scientific or industrial related places of specific interest to the discerning preference of the professional or group of professionals
  • Attendance of special profession-related demonstrations by Chinese professionals.
  • Incorporation of additional specialized activities - special interests, discipline related, recreation oriented, etc.
  • Round trip transpacific flight departing from Los Angeles/San Francisco. (For other departure cities within the United States, add-on reservations and ticketing can be provided by our firm.
  • China domestic air fare
  • Five-star hotel accommodations
  • Sightseeing tours provided on deluxe coach
  • Fine meals, special meals, and entertainment
  • Escorts provided by professional bilingual guides.
  • Travel protection insurance for $30,000US